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    • USPAT.COM is the world's leader in providing research and hard-to-get historial U.S. patent copies in PDF, as well as current patent copies.   Patent Attorneys and IP Researchers use our services to speed their case load. Genealogists locate and document their ancestory and prove family folklore with our combined patent search and document delivery services.  Antique Collectors add value to their collections through our inventor and manufacturer search and document retrieval services. School Teachers and Independent Researchers use our document collections to augment classroom experience and documentation for research papers.

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    Famous U.S. Inventors Patent Collections - As researched by patent historian Jim Bieberich, the collections contained on this site are the complete and detailed lists of patents for famous, well-known U.S. inventors. Original U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records were researched over the inventor's lifetime for Utility, Design, Reissued and Additional Improvement patents. The information on this site has not been copied from any other site and is original work by Jim Bieberich. Full patent copies (drawings, descriptions, claims, corrections) of the inventor's patents are available singly or as a complete collection. Follow the "Inventor-Collection" links to view the complete listings.



    # of Patents

    Bell, Alexander Graham



    Brown, T. Townsend

    Electrostatic Motor, Apparatus & Generator


    Edison, Thomas Alva

    Incandescent light, record player, motion pictures


    Farnsworth. Philo T.



    Marconi, Guglielmo



    Tesla, Nikola

    Alternating Current Motor/Generator


    Historical Patents of the United States

    The Historical U.S. Patent Collection of patented firsts including the Airplane (Wright Brothers), Radio (Marconi), Sewing Machine (Howe, Jr.), Atomic Reactor (Fermi), Zipper (Judson), Printing Press (Hoe), and many, many more. Truly the ultimate "Who Invented What" Collection!


    Patent Numbering Versus Issue Year Since 1790:  Use this chart to determine which year any patent number was issued. Chart includes listings for Utility, Design, Reissued, Plant, and SIR patents beginning in 1790, continuing to the present year.

    Yearly Beginning Number Chart for Utility, Design, Plant, Reissued and SIR Patents

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