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Patents on record for inventor or company We perform search for inventor, co-inventor, company and  assignee
name and email our results to you within 5 business days (1 to 3 days is typical).  Our report includes results for each year of all names on record, patents number(s), patent date(s) and  invention title(s)

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$2.00 per year per name

Design Patent Search:

$2.00 per year per name

Note:  Variations of the submitted name(s) are searched for the same per-year price

Patent copy(s) Email PDF delivery:
$2.00 per patent

Printed copy regular mail delivery:

$3.00 per patent

Patent number  Inventor, co-inventor, company , assignee, patent 
date, patent title
We supply inventor, co-inventor, company, assignee, patent date and patent title by return email

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Description of invention, photo or drawing or item  Inventor, co-inventor, company, assignee, patent number(s), patent
title, patent date
We perform a patent classification search based on information you can provide us.  Report results are emailed to you within 5 business days and include results for each year of all names on record, patent number(s), patent date(s) and invention title(s)

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